The Fine Print

What's included

The $799 annual fee includes domain name (subject to availability) and registration, website development, hosting, webmaster services, and active site management.

Websites are built using a template-based/component-based platform (we currently use GoDaddy's GoCentral Website Builder). This allows us to keep prices low and focus on content, but limits customer input on basic design (e.g., borders, frames, fonts, layout, etc.). Template-based/component-based platforms offer an attractive, affordable, mobile-friendly website with customer input on colors, images, arrangement, and all content (subject to limitations of the platform). Basic site includes:

  • Up to five (5) internal webpages per website (additional pages available for $99 each)
  • Your economic development message (from text you provide; basic proofreading and editing is included and we'll also link text to relevant external websites)
  • Links to economic development community partner organizations (municipalities, economic development organizations, small business development centers, workforce development, etc.)
  • Census QuickFacts (with comparison of local, county, state, and national data)
  • Personal income data
  • Incentives, regulation, and tax information
  • Planning & zoning resources
  • Visitor information
  • Local news, videos, and other valuable resources
  • Links to your social media accounts and embedded blog
  • Contact form with contact information and map
  • Most any other content you'd like us to add, including images, videos, publications, documents, forms, links, or narrative descriptions of the area (from existing brochures, pamphlets, websites, and other economic development efforts--the annual fee does not include development of narrative language or a site visit to get photos, but we'll include anything you provide). (Some restrictions apply; see "What's not included' below)
  • Google Analytics (insertion of sitewide code from your Google Analytics account - we can even help you set one up) 
  • Security (SSL) 
  • Complete review of site annually (at renewal time)

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Contact us and let's start building your economic development website today. No risk, we'll invoice you once the site is up and running (money back guarantee within first 45 days if not completely satisfied).

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What's not included

The $799 annual fee does NOT include (please contact us for a custom quote if you'd like any of these--we can do all of this and more and keep it affordable):

  • Development of narrative language (the annual fee does include pulling language from your existing economic development resources and anything you provide along with basic editing and placement)
  • Site visits or in-person presentations and meetings (all coordination is via email or phone; in-person consultation is available, please contact us for a quote)
  • Custom photos, but we'll include any you provide (we also have access to a sizeable library of stock photos or can arrange for a photo shoot in your community)
  • Individual research or data retrieval (information cited in 'What's included' above is provided via weblinks to secondary sources)
  • Email accounts
  • PayPal buttons
  • Custom html code
  • Social media accounts (we can link to your existing accounts or help you set them up)
  • Blog (we can embed your existing blog or help you set one up)
  • Periodicals published more frequently than annually (contact us for a quote on weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc., updates to periodicals)
  • Community bulletin board or similar routine, regularly updated announcements or posts (this service is available with prices depending on expected frequency of updates/postings)
  • Website promotion

Please contact us for a custom quote on any or all of the above

Intellectual Property Rights

US Economic Research retains ownership of all intellectual property including web design, images, and custom narratives with the exception of any and all intellectual property provided by customer, which shall remain the sole property of customer. Customer certifies that any and all intellectual property they provide for use in the website is the sole property of customer and that customer has the right to print, publish, copy, and otherwise distribute such property and grants US Economic Research unrestricted license for that purpose.

Domain Names: Upon cancellation of service, US Economic Research will, upon request, transfer registration of assigned domain name to customer (or customer's agent) at no charge, unless our registration of the domain name has expired.