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The $799 annual fee includes domain name (subject to availability) and registration, website development, hosting, webmaster services, and active site management. Websites are built using a template-based/component-based platform (we currently use GoDaddy's GoCentral Website Builder). This allows us to keep prices low and focus on content, but limits customer input on basic design (e.g., borders, frames, fonts, layout, etc.). These platforms also limit the use of some widgets and other code-based items. Template-based/component-based platforms offer an attractive, affordable, mobile-friendly website with customer input on colors, images, and all content (subject to limitations of the platform). Basic site includes:

  • Links to economic development community partner organizations (municipalities, economic development organizations, workforce training, etc.), Census QuickFacts (with comparison of local, county, state, and national data), economic profile, personal income, tax information, planning & zoning resources, state and local economic development incentives, online phonebook, visitor information, local news, videos, and more.
  • Contact information with map
  • Any other content you'd like us to add, including images, videos, publications, documents, forms, links, or narrative descriptions of the area (from existing brochures, pamphlets, websites, and other economic development efforts--the annual fee does not include development of narrative language or a site visit to get photos, but we'll include anything you provide)
  • Complete review of site annually (at renewal time)

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